Look forward to live presentations and demonstrations at AOSC 2017. See first-hand how products work and learn tips & tricks to better utilise your equipment.


Lunch Presentation





Exhibitor: BioMers Pte Ltd 
Title: SimpliClear
Speaker: Dr.Lakshmi Subakumar, Matthias Straub
Time: 24 February,  1300 - 1340 hrs
Location: Lunch Presentation Area in the exhibition hall.


This session will introduce the SimpliClear system, the world's only customized, completely clear orthodontic solution treatment of a wide range of malocclusion, the digital workflow & clinical evidence.



Live Demonstrations


BioMers Pte Ltd

Exhibitor: BioMers Pte Ltd
Booth Number: T02
Time: 24 - 26 Februray,


This demonstration aims to explain the digital workflow and the positioning of clinical evidence of SimpliClear, the only digital clear wire system available in orthodontics. Best results with better aesthetics.



Exhibitor: Bliva Pte Ltd
Booth Number: C01
Time: 24 - 26 Februray,


JoyAligner™ is a cosmetic treatment that corrects malalignment with clear aligner emphasizing on the anterior teeth on both the upper and lower arches. Based on our successfully adapted knowledge of biomechanics for braces, and years of experience gained from many successfully treated cases, we use fast and gentle but effective movements for corrections that greatly influence your patient's smiles. By focusing on patient's most essential wish, we could shorten total treatment period, hence, lesser number of clear aligner needed. Using the same high quality foil materials from Europe like those leading international clear aligner brands, and together with our established experience and knowledge in the fabrication process using latest high technology equipments, consistent desirable results are highly attainable. This minimise the chance of treatment re-plan midway during the course of correction, reduce the total time of treatment with less disruption, and thus, increase your profitability, with high customer's satisfaction and brings joy to you and your patients!  JoyAligner™ - Brings joy to smile!


Dental Monitoring 



Exhibitor: Dental Monitoring
Booth Number: B01
Time: 24 - 26 February,
Lunch and Tea Breaks


Learn how to remotely monitor progress of your Patients’ Orthodontic Treatment. The world’s first monitoring solution in orthodontic care, Dental Monitoring™ allows orthodontists to remotely analyze the evolution of patients’ tooth movements and oral health via patients taking photos with their smartphones.


Dentsply Sirona



 Exhibitor: Dentsply Sirona

Booth Number: A09
Time: 24 - 26 February,
1015 - 1030 hrs, 1315 - 1345 hrs, 1515 1530 hrs


Daily Hands-on sessions will focus on:
1015 - 1030 hrs:
Cerec Ortho Guided Scanning -Indications of the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software.
1315 - 1345 hrs:
Tips and tricks to ensure appropriate data is collected for submission.
1515 - 1530 hrs:
Proper operator seating positions for the ideal scan Possibilties of integration with CEREC SW 4.4.



Exhibitor: Junnimed Services Pte Ltd
Booth Number: C01
Time: 24 - 26 Februray,


Visit our booth to learn more about the MDM Matrx Machine as well as use the nasal hood mask and silhouette mask. Porter manufactures nitrous oxide delivery systems for dental and medical applications. Our product portfolio includes many respected brands including Porter, Matrx, Reliant, DynoMite, Nitronox and the new SILHOUETTE low profile nasal mask.


Kavo Kerr  Exhibitor: KaVo Kerr

Booth Number: A05
Time: 24 - 26 February,
1500 - 1600 hrs


KaVo Kerr will showcase the KaVo 3D eXam +, A comprehensive solution for 3D X-ray imaging. In addition, Software demonstration of Invivo5 with our Specialist and Product Manager for Imaging will take place during the exhibition. Precise calculation of tooth axes and the identification of excess teeth and their exact positioning can be achieved with this system.


Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd

Exhibitor: Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B06
Time: 24 - 26 February,


Specialty-Electronic Medical Record (S-EMR) for dental is a practice management system to help orthodontist to perform efficient patient clinical records review, comprehensive clinical documentation, integration with dental equipment and facilitate treatment planning and monitoring of treatment progress. Crucially, S-EMR is helping Orthodontist to comply with the medical-legal requirement by ensuring proper record tracking and keeping. S-EMR has a distinct feature to address multi-clinic cross reference of patient clinical records via its Multi-Clinic Architecture (MCA). MCA provides a secure mean and ensuring patient confidentiality while minimizing operational dependency to Internet service.


Kindly reserve your preferred time slot with our consultants at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Micro Art Technology Co Ltd

Exhibitor: Micro Art Technology Co Ltd
Booth Number: C08
Time: 24 February,
1400 - 1500 hrs


We will be showcasing "Self Ligating Brackets" at AOSC 2017. We are specializing in design, development, and manufacturing state of art dental bracket system to the doctors.


A special deal of 20% off retail price will be given to the first 20 buyers at AOSC 2017.



 NK Luck logo

Exhibitor: N.K. Luck (S) Pte Ltd
Booth Number: A03
Time: 24 February,


Products such as the My Ray X7/X9 - OPG with CEPH 2D/3D, Aironva - Clear Aligners, MyoBrace - Trainer and Winceph - Orthodontic Software will be on display. Look forward to hands-on demonstrations of the Winceph Software while at our booth.



Exhibitor: OraMetrix Pty Limited
Booth Number: C09
Time: 24 - 26 February,


Product presentation will be featured during the exhibition of how all the available suresmile driven products work. From the time of the scan to robotically bent wires, 3D printed indirect bonding trays and models are made and delivered. We will also feature the Trios intra-oral scanner as to start any Digital Orthodontic treatment, you must have access to the latest state-of-the-art intraoral scanners now available in the market.


Come and talk to us about the introductory pricing for all the suresmile driven products.


Singapore Smart Tech

Exhibitor: Singapore Smart Tech Pte Ltd
Booth Number: B04
Time: 24 - 26 February,
1000 - 1200 hrs, 1400 - 1600hrs


Product presentation on how to use Self Ligating Brackets will take place during the exhibition. Orthodontic products such as Self Ligating Brackets, conventional brackets, ceramic brackets, molar buccal tubes, NiTi Torque Spring, NiTi Class II/III Spring, Power Arm, Upright Spring, Distalization Device, Maxillary Molar Distalizing Arch, Posted Stainless Steel Arch will be on display.



Exhibitor: Structo 3D
Booth Number: A10
Time: 24 - 26 February,


Structo OrthoForm dental 3D printer - The world's fastest Orthodontic Model 3D printer. Developed using Structo's proprietary MSLA technology, the Structo OrthoForm 3D printer is built from the ground specifically for the rapid manufacturing of orthodontic models for secondary processes like vacuum forming. Equiped with MSLA technology, the OrthoForm is able to achieve record-breaking speeds, much faster than any existing SLA printers, accelerating the adoption of digital dentistry.



Exhibitor: XDENT
Booth Number: B05
Time: 24 - 26 February,


Orthodontists have complex needs in charting and treatment documentation. XDENT is a clinic management and charting solution that was developed in corporation with dentists for dentists. XDENT improves the efficiency of planning and documenting treatments. XDENT further helps you to manage your clinic in a streamlined and economic way.