Simon GRAF


Simon Graf received his postgraduate in orthodontics from the University of Basel. He opened the clinic Smile AG in Belp, Switzerland and is in private practice there. He is the inventor and pioneer in CAD/CAM procedures for metal and acrylic 3D printed orthodontic appliances.

Dr. Graf has a specific interest in the translation of orthodontic procedures, specially of orthodontic appliances, in the digital world. He started in the beginning of 2014 with a CAD/CAM-procedure for 3D-metal-printed rapid-palatal-expansion device (hyrax) directly from an intraoral scan. As soon as he was able to establish a standardized protocol for this appliance, he continued to work on the Herbst-appliance, lingual arch, etc. and proceeded to bone-borne appliances.

As the materials are evolving, he is now working on acrylic direct printed removable appliances and on combining different materials, with the goal of simplifying the patients and orthodontist’s life.

He has lectured on these topics extensively since 2016 worldwide and has also been featured in multiple publications.